Jon Atkinson - Wildlife And Travel Photographer


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Jon Atkinson    

To be totally honest I am an accidental photographer!

I have always had a passion for travel, to visit remote destinations and see as much of the world’s unique wildlife as possible before it’s habitat disappears and they are become extinct.

Like most people who travel I carry my camera to take images so that I can reminisce in the comfort of my home on some of many places I that have been lucky enough to visit.

I never considered that other people, outside of family and friends, would have any interest in my photography until 1999 when I was lucky enough to travel to Antarctica with a group including a number of professional and semi-professional photographers. When we met to review our photographs after returning I was rather staggered to receive feedback that some of my shots were as good as theirs and that I should try and get them published!

That gave me encouragement I needed to set up a remedial, with my limited web design skills, web site of my favorite images.

It still surprises me today, despite now being having images published in books, magazines and on TV, that people are people are interested in my work. Being self-taught, I am not the most technical of photographers, but with my trusty Canon EOS 5D mark II and my luck in the field of being in the right place at the right time I have been lucky to capture some unique images that people seem interested in using.

I get special pleasure in having my photography used help to help charitable organizations, and last year I was happy to donate images to support a campaign against child abuse in Nigeria and another in an support a campaign to save the habitat of lemurs in Madagascar. It’s nice to know that your photography can, hopefully, have some real positive impact in the world.