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You can order prints of any of the photographs included in this site by following the following four simple steps, if you would like to use the images in a commercial publication please contact JPA123ab@hotmail.com to discuss terms:

1. Make a note of the photograph code(s) for the photo's you have selected

2. For each Print select from the following three sizes:

  • 4"x6" (10x15cm)              10.00
  • 5"x7.5" (13x19cm)           15.00
  • 8"x12" (20x30cm)            25.00

Please add 2.00 per order to cover postage and packing, free for orders over 25.00

3. Choose the format of the Print.

Digital images may not fit onto standard photographic paper due to inconsistent sizing. For each image please choose one of the following options:

  • Cropped image: Image will cover the entire Print paper but you may lose the edges of the photograph if it is none standard size.
  • White bordered image: The entire image is printed, however there may be white borders down the sides of the print if the image is a non-standard size.

4. Send an e-mail to JPA123ab@hotmail.com in the following format (examples included):

Order Code         Size        Quantity      Cost              Cropped/White bordered         Total

PG1                     4"x6"            2              10.00              Cropped                                   20.00

LM3                    5"x7.5"         1              15.00              White Bordered                        15.00

                                                                                     Postage                                       Free

                                                                                     Total                                         35.00

Payment can be made via Paypal (with 5% surcharge, sorry it only covers their costs) or by Cheque or Direct Bank Transfer. Details of payment methods will be sent once the order has been confirmed.

The order will not be processed until the funds have cleared as a third party is used to Print the images.